Land Vehicle

A generic platform currently in development which will be able to cover different challenges found on robotic competitions and real life robotic applications.

Autobotz is projecting a new ground robot to be used as a generic platform which will receive different robotic manipulators according to the necessities. This robot can be used on competitions such as the RoboCore Trekking and the IEEE Open as well as for research purposes.

In order to validate the project, the team proposed a mission for the robot to accomplish. The vehicle must be able to find a traffic cone located at a roundabout near the Water Research and Water Resources Research Center of UFMG (where our workshop is located) starting from an arbitrary place nearby. After finding the cone, the vehicle must come back to the starting point.

No map will be previously given so the robot will use a navigation technique called simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to construct an update a map while locating itself. The robot must also be able to overcome small obstacles and recognize obstacles that are too big then dodge them.

This mission was chosen so that it covers different challenges that can be found on robotic competitions (as well as on real life robotic applications) such as: walk through terrains with different requirements, overcome and dodge obstacles and recognize objects and tags.