VSS Soccer

Aa soccer team built to compete in VSSS IEEE competition.

The IEEE Very Small Size Soccer is a category in robotic competitions, such as CBR (Competição Brasileira de Robótica) and LARC (Latin America Robotics Competition), in which two teams with three robots each dispute a soccer match. The robots compete in a soccer field, and they are controlled by a computer. In order to provide visual information to the computer, a camera is fixed two meters above the field. Autobotz has already competed in this championship in the past, and now the project is being reborn, so it is currently in development.

The VSS chassis is designed to carry all the electronic components of the robot but keeping the determined limits of the competition rules. It's composed by 3D printed parts, in ABS plastic, that offers the required resistance and it's enough light at same time. There's also a aluminum "shirt", that protects the internal parts from the impacts of the ball

The robot moves with a pair of wheels, each one powered by a 5V DC motor, and a passive wheel that provides stabilization.

Navigation works with simulations, the computer vision and the strategy that run during the match. Robots can not be directly controlled by people, so a computer takes charge and receives the image from the top of the field then calculates the next moves for each robot.

The OpenCV library is used for the computer vision system and Gazebo simulates a virtual environment. The software was primarily developed in Python, using ROS (Robot Operating System) for the interface.

As for the electronic project of the robot, it’s composed by very simple components such as LiPo batteries, Pololu motors, and an H bridge, as well as battery chargers and radio transceivers. More information regarding the project’s electronics can be found at: Github Wiki.